The Search for My Perfect Swing — Change Log


19 August 2008 — (Change 1) The Stride While I was preparing the information for Part 8, I had an opportunity to view my release as part of a video. I was surprised at how much I was moving my body forward during the forward swing. My preliminary test, indicated that standing at the foul line with both feet side by side and pointing down the target line (not pointing at the stake) was more stable. I may change it back after I’ve had an opportunity to prepare a better video.

20 August 2008 — (Change 2) The On-Plane Aid I was finally able to put the modified aid (second arc) into practice. I had to modify it a bit. First, added an additional 9 inches to both arcs to allow for a longer follow-through. Secondly, added skewer pegs to anchor the base and added locking screws to lock in the width I selected, between both arcs.

24 August 2008 — (Change 3) The Stride As I had suspected, I needed to change my stance back to my original position. (See Change 1 above). Placing both feet side by side required that I lean to the right to allow the shoe to pass by my leg. Even so, I kept hitting my pant leg as I passed by my right leg. I will have to work harder to control my body movement. I’ve decided to add a little monitor to my Swing Arc aid. I’ll need to make it adjustable, both horizontally and vertically.

20 September 2008 — (Change 4) Grip Changed After my last tournament, I found it necessary to turn the shoe over and grip the caulk from below. This was necessary for two reasons. I was losing control of the shoe during the backswing and release due to slippery shoes and glove. It was forcing me to grip harder than I was comfortable with, and caused inaccuracy and incorrect flip. Turning the shoe over and locking my fingers around the underside of the caulk solved the problem.

20 September 2008 — (Change 5) Stance Changed The stance change was necessary to compensate for the grip change. I experimented a bit with the placement of my feet to try to stabilize my balance. I started with the general balance martial arts stance of 35 degrees and 10 degrees. I decided to extend my arms and bring them together with finger tips touching. I rotated my body left until my right arm was pointed down the line of flight. The photo shown is the result of that change. CAUTION: This stance places a fair amount of stress on the knees.

20 September 2008 — (Change 6) Tightened Line of Flight The stance change caused a change in my backswing. The swing still goes back and forth down the line of flight, but, my backswing is much shorter. I reach my stop point much sooner and seem to be able to feel the line of flight much better.
20 September 2008 — (Change 7) Pre-Release Rehearsal This change was the result of my last tournament. I find that a swing up and back without a stop at the top of my pre-swing eliminates tension in my swing. I do need to practice this move a bit and force myself to swing up a second time if my visual alignment is not correct.

1 October 2008 — (Change 8 ) A Slight Stance Change Moving my right leg further back produces three beneficial results. (1) It virtually eliminates the shoe from going to the right of the stake; (2) It gives me a mental target for the backswing, and; (3) It stabilizes my stance to be more centered and balanced.