The Search for My Perfect Swing — Part 10

The Maryland State Tournament of Champions

This tournament was scheduled for Saturday, August 30. It was sponsored by the Baltimore Metro Horseshoe Club with 12 pits located in Essex, Maryland. I pre-registered as an Elder and received an email notification that I was to pitch at 6:00 p.m. I didn’t know whether I would be pitching in a class based on ringer average or with other Elders. When I arrived I discovered that I would be pitching in the Elder class and there would be four of us pitching. There were two 20% Elders, myself at 30% and one 60% Elder. Plan was 40 points or 40 shoes whichever came first, two rounds.

The afternoon classes were still pitching and looked like the start would be later than 6:00 p.m. Finally, about 7:00 we were able to start. My schedule was to pitch the 3rd, 4th and 1st rated pitchers. I won my first match with a 53.8% ringer average with 14 ringers, 26 shoes. I won my second match with a 46.6% ringer average with 14 ringers, 30 shoes. I lost my third match to the 60% pitcher, but, had a 38.8% ringer average with 14 ringers, 36 shoes. During the middle of the third match we began to hear thunder and finally lightening. It was decided to terminate the session. The 60% pitcher won the first place trophy and I won a beautiful second place trophy. My ringer average for the three matches 45.6% with 42 ringers in 92 shoes and 10 double ringers.

I marvel at professionalism shown by each of the organizers of the tournaments that I have participated in. Each tournament location has been well prepared for the event to come. Each has a concession stand with hotdogs, hamburgers, drinks, restroom facilities and a selection of horseshoes and shirts. Many of the workers from other horseshoe clubs show up to help out with recording stats and keeping score. The secretary of the Frederick Horseshoe Pitching Association drove from Pennsylvania to help with the scorekeeping in Lusby and Essex, Maryland. I try to make it a point to stop and thank the organizers and helpers.

I was extremely happy with my showing, albeit, a short one. I am hoping that my next tournament will have me placed in a class with like average pitchers. Further, I hope to end the season with a 50% ringer average from 30 feet. I am beginning to make plans for my winter practice.

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