The Search For My Perfect Swing — Part 49

Method 5 — Down the Line

The following paragraphs are page 1 of the PDF file linked below entitled “Down the Line”. I decided that I wanted to put together a topic that had all information in one place. So, the PDF has all information included and does not require you refer to a previously discussed topic. If you select the URL below you will be able to read the file online, but, you can also download the PDF to your own system and print it out if interested. It is 20 pages that describes a unique method of pitching. The right hand approach for right handed pitchers is recommended over the left approach. This is primarily due to the setup requirement of this method. Please feel free to contact me if you require any clarification of this method.

The following information is page 1 of the PDF.

Down the Line Page 1

What does it mean “Down the Line”?

If you were asked to point at an object in the distance, the tip of your finger would align with your eyes to the object. However, if someone standing behind you looked down your arm, you would actually be pointing well left of the object. This variable exists because your eyes and arm are about 10-11 inches from your nose. There is always “that angle” between the eyes, arm and object. You must mentally make the adjustment to account for the angle “Off the Line”.

To be “Down the Line” means that at setup, your eyes, shoulder, arm and horseshoe are in line and vertically over the Line of Flight (LOF). Further, when delivered, the horseshoe follows the LOF under your eyes and directly at the stake. Is that actually possible?

Yes! With the proper stance and body alignment, you can actually pitch directly at what you’re looking at. There is no angle to consider. So, if you pointed your finger at an object with the proper setup, anyone standing behind you would see your pointing finger and arm are actually pointing directly at the object. In this case, the stake.

The remainder of this process of “Down the Line”, is how to achieve this setup, stride forward and delivery of the horseshoe directly over the LOF and under your eyes to the stake.

The process begins by setting up a few props to help insure that your body is positioned properly and your eyes/head accurately move directly at the stake. Below is a photo of the 4 props necessary to setup your pit properly. Substitute as necessary, but, replace with an equivalent prop.

This technique uses the RIGHT approach.

Select the URL to read the entire 20 page description of the method: “Down the Line” NOTE: This is a new URL created on 8 September. Your previous URL will not now work.

Further editing will be added to Part 49. I just wanted to get it out quickly.


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